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#1 CEO Blog

At age 80, Bill Marriott is a social media pioneer. His CEO blog, Marriott on the Move, is widely praised for its transparency. As his editor, Jay Hamilton ­helped select topics ­ranging from gay rights to global travel to summer reading. Mr. Marriott does not type or own a computer. Instead he takes notes and ­dictates. ­Marriott on the Move ­is distributed to three outlets –, Huffington Post and LinkedIn where it once received 465,000 views.


"It’s actually his voice, folksy, devoid-of-business jargon. His blog is like having a hamburger with him: He tells stories about his family, his company, and even his golden retriever Murphy."

– The Washington Post

"Known throughout the industry for his hands-on management style, Mr. Marriott has built a highly regarded culture that emphasizes the importance of Marriott’s people."

– Huffington Post

Best Corporate Blogs to Inspire You

#1 Marriott on the Move

"Bill Marriott doesn’t always write about the hotel business, but his content is interesting and dynamic, and it raises brand awareness."

– Ragan Communications

Blogs Their Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

"#1: Marriott on the Move – The personal touch is evident in every post with Bill Marriott’s signature sign-off line, 'I’m Bill Marriott and thank you for helping me keep Marriott on the move'.”

– Social Media Today


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