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Reuters: Powering Trusted News with AI

What lies ahead for AI in the realm of news and journalism? Gain essential insights from Reuters' exclusive report, which delves into the opportunities and potential pitfalls of AI in the field of news gathering..

Reuters AI report
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AI is changing news and journalism – and audience expectations.

We’re entering a new era, one shaped by AI. There are uncertainties and risks around this new technology and its implementation. But AI also offers significant opportunities.

While misinformation rightly gains much of the negative attention, the speed AI

abilities are changing is an equal-sized risk, alongside the challenges of legislating for

the way these tools learn, and the threat this poses to companies’ IP. These must

be carefully navigated. There is no doubt though, that AI can enhance the way news is reported and delivered, as well as improving workflow efficiencies for businesses across the board. In this report we will cover some key questions about AI and its likely effects on

the media and other sectors. These include:

  • How can organizations use AI to revolutionize the way their newsrooms and other parts of their businesses operate?

  • In a world where AI is so prevalent, how can trust and journalistic integrity be maintained?

  • What is the future for AI in the media space?


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