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Safeguarding Civilization

Every piece of critical infrastructure has a bull's eye on its back. – DRAGOS.

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This is the story of one company's fight to defend against cyberattacks. In this battle where the enemy is often unknown , Dragos is a leader in protecting critical infrastructures – power plants, water treatment facilities, transportation hubs – the things that we rely on every day. Their motto is not an exaggeration: Safeguarding Civilization.

When it came time to release its latest platform, Dragos called on Hamilton Media DC and Eclectic Gorilla Studios to help tell the story. Using a documentary-style approach, the production team interviewed key people, attended ‘closed-door’ meetings and roamed the warehouse headquarters with the freedom to ease-drop on conversations. This unfettered access captured the intricacies of launching the latest cybersecurity product.

Threat Alert Elevated to High

While on-location, a U.S. drone strike killed a top Iranian general. This was no “war game.” Dragos’ threat assessment team raised the alert level to “severe,” expecting a U.S. infrastructure counter-attack. Thankfully, the retaliation did not involve a target within the United States.

“Fine-tuning the messaging of each interview and weaving it into a story was the secret sauce,” said Jay Hamilton. "The production was a real eye-opener into the depth and seriousness of cybersecurity. We came away grateful that these folks are on our side.”


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