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Casey Sattler: WEBBY HONOREE – Best of the Internet

Two Webbies in 2021

Creative director, Casey Sattler, was named a 2021 Webby Honoree, not once, but twice for his video storytelling. It's a credit to his talents that the Webby productions appeared on different platforms aimed at different audiences. The Xerox production is a brand journalistic mini-documentary. The WETA (PBS) production in a short animated story for children of all ages.

Xerox's "Color Series" was named an honoree for "best social video series." In this visually compelling production, you learn from experts in art, science and design. Xerox researchers explain how color shapes the broader culture and influences our emotions.

Casey's second Webby Honoree is an animated short for WETA (PBS): "What the Gene is That? – the Gene Explained." The animated "Gene" talks to space explorers and explains that every living thing on Earth is built with instructions called DNA.

Earlier in his career, Casey won an Emmy Award at ABC News where he created and directed graphics for the network's top rated programs –World News Tonight, Nightline and This Week.


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